What Photography Can Do For Your Listings

At first glance, this home wouldn’t look like anything special. The problem being – sub par photography. The listing agent had this home photographed by a “professional photographer”, I use that term loosely, to photograph her new 6 million dollar listing in Corona del Mar. Needless to say she was far from impressed with the results. After shelling out some decent cash for not so decent photos, she was a little miffed. I got the call to come and do a re-shoot and we quickly scheduled a time. I did a few twilight shots and came back the next morning to finish off the interior. I think the photos speak for themselves as the listing agent and her partner could barely recognize that it was the same property. Check the full post for the rest of the story.

My point being, hire the right photographer for the job! Photographing interiors and architecture is an art all in its own. Don’t expect your friend with a DSLR camera to provide you with professional photos. Photography to the amateur is recreation, to the professional it is work, and hard work too, no matter how pleasurable it my be. -Edward Weston

I should note that the original photos aren’t complete garbage. They just don’t represent what a $6,000,000 home should look like, or $600,000 for that matter.

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