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One of the locations I shot today. A lot of good things to come. Stay tuned!

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  1. Hi. I ran accross your web site via a google ad. I am curious how you developed your relationship with the Realitors in the upper end of Orange County.

    Usually they want to see a portfolio, which means you have to have photos they like of the subject your advertising you can photograph.
    Leading me to the question, how do you get into a beautiful home to shoot it when you don’t have the photos to start with?

    The old what came first, chicken or the egg question.

    One the shot you took today, looks dark. I’m sure you probably layer 3 images together to average out the darks and the highlights to get a well lit image?

    I wish I could get into some of those homes and businesses. I have a great eye for Architecture Photography. Just getting my food in the door through connections is my only problem.

    Thanks. I’ll check back to see your new stuff.

    • Hi Tim. You can get some good portfolio shots by visiting some new construction developments and asking if you can take some shots of their model homes. Those always look nice – since no one lives there. Or you can ask friends and family to shoot their places.

      I started, basically, shooting lower end condos, townhomes, and single family residences. Then you can slowly break into the higher end stuff.

      This shot was just taken with my iPhone, as with all the photos in the Photo of the Day section.

      I use a lot of supplemental light and don’t really do a whole lot of layering. If I do, it’s usually just for the windows or sky.

      Thanks for the inquiry and hope you check back soon!

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