Downtown Orange Historic Building by Kip Klayton

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a past client, Kip Klayton of Kip Klayton Architects, asking me to photograph his current office as he is putting it up for sale. It’s a cool historic building in Downtown Orange. This place is wide open – a bit challenging to photograph. I spent the better half of a day creating some of these images. More images after the jump! Enjoy!

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Voted Photographer of the Month!


I recently won the Real Estate Photographer of the Month – a monthly contest on Flickr where a distinguished panel of judges comprised of some of the best real estate/ interior photographers in the country, some even abroad. A true honor in our industry.

Be sure to read the full post to see a breakdown of how I lit this image!

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Published: Wallbeds “n” More

A while back I was contacted by Larry Silke, the owner of Wallbeds “n” More in Laguna Hills, Ca.  He had a tight deadline to get some new images into the magazine he advertises with on a regular basis. We spent about a half of a day shooting three different bed setups. Then the hard part came, editing. . .

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Strada Fragante

About a month ago I photographed another property for Sarah Jackson, an interior designer. This is the second project that I’ve worked with her on. Her goal in the end is to compose a written book outlining all of her design choices, furniture, ideas, and even where to buy things at great prices. It will be exciting when it comes out, especially since some of my work will be featured in it!

Have a look at some of the images that we produced on that long, exhausting day!

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April in Review

Well, April has already come and gone – where does the time go! I’ve put together a small collection of my favorite images from last month. Click here to view them in all of their glory.

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March in Review

Been a crazy month here at BMB Dezines Global Headquarters! A lot of great stuff happening this year. Here are a collection of some of my favorite photos from last month.

I’m really excited about some projects I have going right now, and can’t wait to share some of that with you – soon! For now, be sure to read the full post to see all of the images!

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A Change of Pace

While I spend 99% of my time shooting interiors and architecture, I also enjoy shooting other photography as well. A few weeks ago I shot some business portraits for First Team in Irvine. While I am no Peter Hurley, I still enjoy the challenging aspects that come with shooting different styles of photography. It was a welcomed change of pace and a great way to meet some new agents. Check the full post for a few more shots and a lighting setup – if you’re interested in that sort of thing.

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Stock Photography

In some of my downtime, I’ll be shooting some stock photography for Southern Orange County. I’ve had a few requests recently – so I thought I should start to expand my current stock photo library.  If you have any requests, please don’t hesitate to let me know. Help me help you with the images you want/need!

Anaheim Marriott Suites

Last week I was given the opportunity to photograph some newly renovated suites at the Marriott in Anaheim. It was a fun project to work on and the staff there were great. There are a lot of little things that go in to making photos like these that most viewers won’t notice. We spent the previous morning looking at the rooms and discussing what needed to be done to have them “photo ready”. Lucky for us, we had access to a full kitchen that provided a lot of the props that we used in the rooms (along with a tree that was needed to fill in a blank void). Have a look at some of the original and final versions of the photos we made that day after the break!


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Day to Day; Behind the Gates

Hot off the press! Another awesome property from Mark Thoburn with Keller Williams Realty. I’ve done a few properties for Mark before and this was pretty much the same routine. Shot the interior and then came back for seconds to do some twilight shots of the exterior. This home photographed very well and it was quite the production. Owner, Realtor, Realtor’s assistant, stagger, and a few wild animals were all over the place. Managed to get some good shots though. A few more after the break!

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