Stock Photography

In some of my downtime, I’ll be shooting some stock photography for Southern Orange County. I’ve had a few requests recently – so I thought I should start to expand my current stock photo library.  If you have any requests, please don’t hesitate to let me know. Help me help you with the images you want/need!

Anatomy of a Logo

Never being fully satisfied with most of the work I do (part of my OCD), my logo has undergone a series of changes. I thought it would be fun to look back at the not so distant past to see where it started and where it is today. Be sure to read the full post to see all of the changes!

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Day to Day; 1 Ironwood

A few shots from this Gorgeous home in Newport Beach. Had some really nice ambient light. Made for a fun project and got some really nice bright and crisp images! A few more shots after the break.

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Day to Day; Behind the Gates

Hot off the press! Another awesome property from Mark Thoburn with Keller Williams Realty. I’ve done a few properties for Mark before and this was pretty much the same routine. Shot the interior and then came back for seconds to do some twilight shots of the exterior. This home photographed very well and it was quite the production. Owner, Realtor, Realtor’s assistant, stagger, and a few wild animals were all over the place. Managed to get some good shots though. A few more after the break!

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