New Property Website Template!

I just finished up my new property website template! It features a very clean and elegant design and a BIG’ol¬†slide show to show off the awesome photos I take of your properties. Be sure to click on the image above to see the sample.

If you’re interested in doing one for your listing, check out my website for some other details and pricing.

Day to Day; Knightsbridge in Irvine

A few images from a relatively busy week last week. Had the opportunity to shoot this lovely Cape Cod style home in Irvine. I’ve done a few for this agent and I love working with her. More shots past the break!

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What Photography Can Do For Your Listings

At first glance, this home wouldn’t look like anything special. The problem being – sub par photography. The listing agent had this home photographed by a “professional photographer”, I use that term¬†loosely, to photograph her new 6 million dollar listing in Corona del Mar. Needless to say she was far from impressed with the results. After shelling out some decent cash for not so decent photos, she was a little miffed. I got the call to come and do a re-shoot and we quickly scheduled a time. I did a few twilight shots and came back the next morning to finish off the interior. I think the photos speak for themselves as the listing agent and her partner could barely recognize that it was the same property. Check the full post for the rest of the story.

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A Change of Pace

While I spend 99% of my time shooting interiors and architecture, I also enjoy shooting other photography as well. A few weeks ago I shot some business portraits for First Team in Irvine. While I am no Peter Hurley, I still enjoy the challenging aspects that come with shooting different styles of photography. It was a welcomed change of pace and a great way to meet some new agents. Check the full post for a few more shots and a lighting setup – if you’re interested in that sort of thing.

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Day to Day; Isabella Terrace

Have a look at this 7300 sqft Corona del Mar home listed by Suzie Malerbe. This one was a bit of challenge, with it’s dark shinny surfaces and bright exterior light – always makes for a good time trying to set up lights! I got it done none the less and they turned out well.

I had to reshoot this home for Suzie since she wasn’t happy with what the previous photographer had provided her. Which goes to show that not all “professional photographers” can shoot real estate. Hire the right guy for the right job!

Her and her partner were pleased in the end with my photos, which makes me happy :-). Be sure to read the full post to see some more shots!

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