Published: Wallbeds “n” More

A while back I was contacted by Larry Silke, the owner of Wallbeds “n” More in Laguna Hills, Ca. ┬áHe had a tight deadline to get some new images into the magazine he advertises with on a regular basis. We spent about a half of a day shooting three different bed setups. Then the hard part came, editing. . .

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Strada Fragante

About a month ago I photographed another property for Sarah Jackson, an interior designer. This is the second project that I’ve worked with her on. Her goal in the end is to compose a written book outlining all of her design choices, furniture, ideas, and even where to buy things at great prices. It will be exciting when it comes out, especially since some of my work will be featured in it!

Have a look at some of the images that we produced on that long, exhausting day!

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