Anatomy of a Logo

Never being fully satisfied with most of the work I do (part of my OCD), my logo has undergone a series of changes. I thought it would be fun to look back at the not so distant past to see where it started and where it is today. Be sure to read the full post to see all of the changes!

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Day to Day; Bella Rosa

It’s been a slow week here at BMB Dezines HQ. Here are a few shots from a home in Irvine located in the Bella Rosa neighborhood. Check the full post for all of the before and after shots!

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Day to Day; Sunstar Ln

A few days ago I shot my second home for Lee Tenant with Coldwell Banker. This one was two doors down from the previous home I did for her a few months back. It was the same floor plan, so that made things a bit easier. Already had most of the compositions planned out before I even got there. This home had a nice light, airy feel to it and it shows in the photographs. Have a look at some before and after shots past the break!

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Anaheim Marriott Suites

Last week I was given the opportunity to photograph some newly renovated suites at the Marriott in Anaheim. It was a fun project to work on and the staff there were great. There are a lot of little things that go in to making photos like these that most viewers won’t notice. We spent the previous morning looking at the rooms and discussing what needed to be done to have them “photo ready”. Lucky for us, we had access to a full kitchen that provided a lot of the props that we used in the rooms (along with a tree that was needed to fill in a blank void). Have a look at some of the original and final versions of the photos we made that day after the break!


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Day to Day; 1 Ironwood

A few shots from this Gorgeous home in Newport Beach. Had some really nice ambient light. Made for a fun project and got some really nice bright and crisp images! A few more shots after the break.

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